Monday, December 6, 2010

In The Face of Love

Check it out! This was the main wall for our show on Saturday night at Love's gallery in Victoria at 535 Yates St. Certain peices will still be on display until the end of this week.

Here is the gallery owner, Adam Love and Leslie Wiegand. Leslie is one of the artist's whose work is shown at Love's. She does the nostalgic peices on recycled wood panels. Check out her blog.

This is Ashely McNeil the other amazing artist in the show. Her stuff is all the big "juicy" in your face oil paintings. (Leslie kept calling them juicy and I thought that was the perfect description.) Next, is the triptych I did for the show called "It's a Cat Fight, Stay out of it Rabbit!" Notice the gashed leg and the blood dripping from the other cats claws. For my rather haphazard explaination (and some footage of the show) go here to exhibit v.

Look! people (meaning Grace) loved the work so much they were kissing it.

It did seem as if everyone had a good time. There was a great turn out.

I can't wait until next time! Thank you Adam, Gayle, Leslie, Ashely, Grace, Sarah and Chris.

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